Lectures, Talks and Workshops

We will be hosting a range of lectures, talks and workshops which will all be free to attend on a first come, first served basis. All announcements will be made here on our website - so keep your eyes peeled!

Are you interested in hosting a lecture, delivering a talk or teaching people a new skill through a workshop?

Send us an email to info@festivalofbees.co.uk.

Kevin Hancock, from Gardeners Beehive

Kevin will be delivering talks on his Gardeners Beehive - the beehive for gardeners.

ECO-BEEHIVE makes beekeeping as EZZE as 1-2-3, but also the only self regulating honey harvesting system in the world! invented and made rite here in ENGLAND! More for gardeners than beekeepers, Because it is a nest box first and honey farming beehive second, so not for everyone. As EZZE as 1-2-3 to start, and three very unique options when looking to harvest honey.

This is an e-ticket. You will receive an email and will need to download your e-ticket online prior to the event. You will need to show this when you arrive to the festival (either as a print out, download or in your apple wallet) and we will scan the QR code for you to gain entry.