Incorporating BeeTradex

What a year, I purchased BeeTradex with a view to widening the appeal and bringing our hobby, craft and business friends together for an exchange of interests, to be able to meet some of the world best manufactures and suppliers to our industry, innovation and excellence being just two key features of the revamped show.

Not wishing to let the grass grow under our feet, my team have been working hard on a truly amazing series of events rolled up into one big festival - Festival of Bees.

It’s the right time for a new approach, a change in the industry.

For many years beekeepers have voiced concerns that the three main shows are not accessible enough with distance being the main concern, the time of year is too cold, wet and dark, with even snow causing trouble on occasion - all challenging issues. Having said that there would never be a perfect time, our little friends keep us busy one way or another for most of the year.

What we hope will make things better for all of us all (not necessarily easier) is to have a Festival of Bees, a real show, a gathering of likeminded people reflecting our industry at its best at the best time of year, and at the same time providing that all-important valuable opportunity to meet suppliers and of course buy all your beekeeping needs under one big roof.

Entering a new era, we are hitting the road. The Festival of Bees is coming to a show venue near your, or at least nearer to you than the current show schedules are in the UK.

My team and I had planned to hit the road with a completely new show during 2022, but why put off until tomorrow what you can do today!

Patrick K Murfet