Confirmed Exhibitors

Bee Equipment Ltd

We stock nearly 3,000 product lines at our distribution centre in Kent, supplying British Standard National, Langstroth, Commercial and accessories, as well as wide range of beekeeping accessories, we also stock a wide range of honey and wax processing equipment. Our candle making equipment is a unique product made for us to give you the best possible results. Along with our extensive range of tools and clothing we have everything the beekeeper needs.. Bee Hives, Smokers and Fuel, Queen Rearing Equipment, Langstroth Hives, National Hives, Hive Tools, Books, Bee Gift Ware, Candle Moulds and Candle Making Accesories, Our New Correx Nuc Boxes, Microscopy Equipment, Animal feeds, Bird Food, Pet Accessories, and much much more. This is just a small selection of the products that we sell. - - 01227 833807

Burt's Country Store

Based in Canterbury, Kent, Burt's Country Store stocks a wide range of products from Equestrian Care to Insect Hotels. Having started business in 2018, Burt's has gone from strength to strength by diversifying their product range and providing products and equipment for home and garden, pets and agriculture. - - 01227 833807 

River Wood Inc.

River Wood Inc has many years' experience in the design and manufacturing of Beekeepers' clothing with a range of garments to suit everybody's needs. Our suits are made from heard-wearing 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton, 100% Cotton and 100% Polyester. 3 layer suits in a range of colours and manufactured to the highest standard. By listening to our customers we have developed a range of beekeeping clothing to suit everybody's needs, and we pride ourselves on offering top quality garments at a highly competitive price. Not only the suits are producing in our factory, we are also manufacturing the finest quality of leather gloves with the superb quality of the leather in cow, sheep, buffalo as well as in goat leather. Our size ranges are also designed to fit everybody's needs during the harvesting. Our factory is also producing the stainless steel instruments too like hive tools, smokers, strainers, stainless steel tanks for storage. - 03118610694

Hyde Hives

We are two brothers that love keeping bees and making beehives. Every hive is cut from sustainable cedar grown in the UK which is milled and seasoned by us at the workshop. Each hive is hand-assembled, individually finished and delivered to you personally by us.

White Princess Ice Cream

Our job is to delight and excite your guests and visitors at parties, festivals, fetes and fairs, stocked with your choice of a unforgettably large menu including, multiple choices of ice cream, freshly made Mr. Whippy, ice lollies, candy floss, sweets and cold drinks. We provide our customers with the finest catering quality services and take great pride in all aspects of our work, taking a professional approach to each and every event. We are based in South East London however are willing to travel across the UK on request.


Bear Cool Honey Company
Welcome to the Bear Cool Honey Company, we are a family run business, passionate about bees. We specialise in producing natural honey straight from the hive. We love our bees and we love the planet which is why choose to trade ethically.



More Bees Please

We are a family-run beekeeping business based in Sheffield. We are passionate about bees and the amazing effect they have on the environment. We are expanding our Beekeeping to try and improve the quality of Bees in the local area, and also the number of pollinators in the local vicinity. We have set up our own breeding program to improve the quality and disease-resistant strains of bees. We also aim to introduce Hives to as many schools, raise awareness with children and hopefully find Beekeepers of tomorrow. Also, check out our "More Bees Please" page for more information about our plan to spread hives around Sheffield with the help of as many businesses as possible.

Bee Retro

I make all my products myself and love the challenge of creating a variety of biodegradable products which help to reduce the amount of single use plastics being consumed by society. Living in Cornwall and walking my dogs on the beach each day really makes me feel determined as I see the effects of our wasteful society washing up on our beautiful beaches each day. I pick up a never ending array of plastic litter and sea garbage. My aim is to in some small way combat this problem and encourage others to do the same. 

Jerk n' Tingz

Jerk n’ Tingz was founded by Matthew Bare in 2018 and started off as a Caribbean frozen food delivery service in Kent but his ambition soon led him to Dover. Seeing that there was not much around offering authentic Jerk and Caribbean cuisine locally he set his sights on opening a restaurant. That’s when Jerk n’ Tingz really arrived. Matthew the Chef and Proprietor, trained at Westminster Kings College, and spent his time honing his craft in establishments in London, New York and Japan including The Savoy and The Royal Mandarin Oriental. His passion for food is easy to see especially with the recipes from his home- Jamaica. Matthew has always had ambition to create a restaurant that brings people together and provides delicious, accessible but visually pleasing food.

Andermatt UK

Andermatt UK Home and Garden aim to bring you products to help you enjoy outdoor living, grow better plants, produce more to harvest and control pests and diseases. We are passionate about our products and helping people to use them. Bee keeping is an increasingly popular pastime for many people in the UK and we have a range of bee health products that assist bee keepers in maintaining the health of their colonies. Made with active substances found in nature, Andermatt UK Home and Garden’s bee health products help control the population of varroa mites in your colony.

The Woodland Trust

Founded in 1972 the Woodland Trust is the largest woodland conservation charity and a leading voice in bringing the UK’s trees and woodlands to the attention of Government, land owners and the public. With a supporter base of half a million they were the first and remain the most significant contributor to woodland protections, restoration and creation in the UK.


Plantlife is a British conservation charity working nationally and internationally to save threatened wild flowers, plants and fungi. They own nearly 4,500 acres of nature reserve across England, Scotland and Wales where you can find over 80% of the UK’s wild flowers. They have 11,000 members and supporters and HRH The Prince of Wales is the Patron.

The Ramblers is a charitable organisation which believes that walking can have a positive impact on people's lives. The Ramblers enable and organise group walks  led by walk leaders across Britain. Each year 300,000 people take part in Ramblers organised walks alone. Ramblers Walking for Health, run with support from Sport England, develops walks that are accessible to people who have done little or no exercise before, or who need support to stay active. It is England's largest network of health walk schemes, with 8,300 volunteers, ensuring people who need the most support to get and stay active.

Happy Bee Company

Simple, effective skincare products, made by our bees in Kent.
My interest in bees started as a bee keeper, helping to run the Westerham Bee Keepers training apery – I spend a lot of time with bees, which means I have a lot of honey and wax under my belt so it was only natural that my interest in natural skincare products made from beeswax would follow!


Johnny Bee Good

Johnny Bee Good is a bee tech company all about being good. It's founder Johannes Leendes has developed the BeeMeter, a device for automated hive inspections. Giving insight into the flight activity of beehives for beekeepers and researchers.



Hives and Herbal 

I'm a Bristol-based Beekeeper who is passionate about helping the Bristol Honey Bee and handmaking beautiful beeswax products.



Wild Green Farm 

We grow and sell edible flowers and microgreens to over 1500 restaurants per week but due to the COVID lockdowns we have diversified and now selling our seeds and grow kits through our website. All our seeds are ethically sourced, ensuring they are not from GM crops and the seed is untreated.

Caddon Hives

We started off as a father (Bill) and son (Peter) team selling WBC and National hives, from our home in the Scottish borders in 2005. Over the years we have gradually expanded our product range, but always remaining focused on quality hives. All our beehives are made to BBKA standard specifications. They are sold unassembled, (flat) with very clear and detailed assembly instructions and the necessary screws etc being provided. We anticipate that it will take a reasonably competent person about 4 to 6 to hours to assemble a WBC hive, and 1 to 2 hours to assemble a National hive.


Peckers is focused on only bringing the highest welfare dishes to the table, with deliciousness to match. All the chicken is slow reared, free range and sourced from the most prestigious poultry farmers in the Southwest. Combine that with Signature homemade sauces, pickles and spice mixes; local butter brioche buns; fresh salad and herbs; and you've got yourself the best damn buttermilk chicken burger in Bristol (don't take our word for it). We also serve boneless chicken tenders with all the above delicious bits, and crispy sweet potato fries.

Kent Wildlife Trust  

Wildlife is in crisis. The natural world isn't just something for us to enjoy; it sustains us. the decline of nature puts our very survival and prosperity under threat. It doesn't have to be like this. Our vision is for a better, wilder future. We engage with politicians, business leaders, landowners, communities and people in order that we can all work together to protect wildlife.

Almira Beekeeping

Beekeeping has gained increasing popularity in recent years. In many European countries and in the UK, it is carried out as a hobby as well as trade. Beekeeping requires knowledge and skills to prepare bee hives, produce queen bees and to maintain the bee colony. Almira Beekeeping is the one-stop center, and is here to serve you all your beekeeping equipment.

Bee Naturals

Bee Naturals is a honeybee centralised Community Beekeeping Association, charity based social enterprise, and small business based in Peckham, South East London formed, and run by multi award-winning disabled beekeeper Paul Vagg. We are manufacturers of the finest scented candles, organic soap and lip balm, natural beeswax polish, Dead Sea bath salts and a selection of natural products, and every product sold supports charitable causes. As regulars at beekeeping events, both as workshop speakers and as a business we are pleased to be able attend this year, throughout this difficult time for all, and invite you to take a look around our stall, at the fabulous range of products available. Whether for a gift or something personal, you can be sure to find something you will love, from our all-natural range. Hope you enjoy the show!!

Bees Abroad

Bees Abroad provides education and technical advice on beekeeping and relevant business skills. We achieve this by setting up and supporting field extension services. Training courses are also run for local beekeepers and we finance trainers. As a non-profit making organisation, support can be given to beekeepers and their families wherever poverty defines need. Our skilled team of trustees ensures this happens effectively. 

Araucaria Foods

Unique, high-quality, craft products that you can trust. Quality and provenance guaranteed growing up in Brazil, I assisted my father as he cared for his bees on the 160-acre nature reserve owned by my parents. Our family spent many weekends and school holidays on the farm’ - managing the hives and the land and enjoying the benefits of rural life.


Our products range from our suite of apps which include: Apiary Management records, Pesticide Management records, and a citizen science app amongst others. To our new hive entrance invention "The Upstairs Downstairs Intrance" that gives back to the bees a hive they can defend. Meaning the bees can defend their hive from anything over 7mm, such as wasps, hornets, rodents and reptiles. etc. Other benefits experienced are the reduced need for a queen excluder and mesh floors. Our Apiary Management app includes features such as: to-do lists, quick inspection and excel exports, Mentoring facility swarm harvesting co-ordination Asian hornet / environmental observations notifications.
whilst also being able to receive notifications from the pesticide management app of local pesticide treatments with detailed eco-toxicity reports of the pesticides active ingredients impact on the surrounding environment. Our products are currently being developed and trialled in Africa in collaboration with a, not for profit organisation " The Source Plus" and the "Africa Honey Consortium" to help beekeepers out of poverty. Please see our #phones4bees campaign."

                            Wye Valley Meadery                                                
  We brew our mead in our purpose built meadery in Chepstow with honey from our bees from the Wye Valley, an area well known for its natural beauty and excellent biodiversity. There is a great concentration of small leaf lime trees here which gives our honey quite a distinct flavour. We wanted to make a mead that you can enjoy in the same way as a beer, cider or sparkling wine so we brew to a lower alcohol level than a typical mead. We also bottle condition to get a delicate sparkle into the liquid. This combined with our infusions of seasonal flavours gives us something truly unique and a real flavour of the local area. If you’d like to learn more about the process, join one of our mead making courses!

Wyefield Apiaries 

I have lived and worked mainly in Wales for the past 51 years and started keeping bees on my own account in 1967 in Pembrokeshire with the local dark bee of the area.  When my father passed away in 1982 I amalgamated his dark Ayrshire bees with my originals from Pembrokeshire and we still own apiaries of dark type bees today.  My wife, Marian is from Carmarthenshire and together with her father we expanded the bees from 1975 onwards so that when I retired from my day job in 2006 we had taken the colony numbers up to about 160. However, as our beefeed business has grown the bee numbers have been reduced to about 50 stocks of which some three quarters are headed by Danish Buckfast Queens which allows us to manage the hives under a much wider range of weather conditions.  Our aim is to average 40-45kgs of honey/hive and not to let the numbers rise too much!!

Starfish Living 
Starfish Living is an eco-friendly company trying to make zero-waste and sustainable choices. Postage and supply to the UK only and to use paper and recycled/recyclable cardboard packaging are part of this ethos. Any waste is avoided, where possible, even using trimmings to make ecofirelighters and scraps of fabric to make reusable face pads. The name ‘Starfish Living’ gives a happy nod to the seaside as well as finding inspiration from the story about the small boy on a beach throwing one starfish at a time back into the sea. The positive message is that even individuals making small changes CAN make a difference to help save the planet. Just give it a try!
Just the Ticket 
Mexican street food all home made using local produce, Vegetarian Gluten free and Vegan options all available! 

BJ Sherriff
The original selling brand of fine quality beekeepers clothing incorporating our own design, self-supporting hood with unique ClearViewTM veil. Providing beekeepers with the highest quality suits, made here in the UK.

Vita Bee Health 

We research, develop, manufacture and market honeybee health products worldwide, including Apistan, Apiguard and Bee Gym for Varroa control; pollen supplements VitaFeed Power, VitaFeed Nutri and VitaFeed Patty for increased honey production; AFB and EFB Diagnostic Kits; and Swarm Attractant Wipes. With a rigorous and ethical approach to research and development into honeybee health, Vita has no commercial interests in crop pesticides or crop breeding that may be harmful to honeybees.

The Candy Stop 
Delicious homemade fudge, based in Whitstable. 



German Sausage Hut
Maidstone's Supreme Catering, supplies high class mobile catering with our Specialist "German Sausage Hut". We use top Quality Bratwurst, Bockwurst, Cheese Krakauer, Frankfurter, Hot & cold drinks., 07830040598 



Bee Bay 
The business philosophy of Bee-Bay was always to promote and sell safe and ethical products to support bee colonies, to keep them healthy and strong in their fight against the many stress factors that they face in the modern world. Bee-Bay has never wavered from this path and still continues to choose its business partners with great care.
The range has grown with us and once tried BeeVital products sell themselves time and time again. They are Certified Organic, thoroughly researched and tested, extremely effective, can be used at any time of year, cannot be overdosed and are the most cost effective applications and feeds on the market. Not only does the beekeeper get all these benefits but the bees love it and live longer as they thrive and become more productive and less stressed.


Country Gardener 
Country Gardener is distributed to almost 700 outlets throughout its circulation area including garden centres, nurseries, farm shops, Tourist Information Centres, village stores, National Trust properties, and other retailers and gardens.

Perfect n' Personalised 
Perfect n' Personalised offer a range of personalised items for amazing prices! There is something for everyone: Kids, Women, Men, Couples- the whole family!

Enchanted Gardens

Enchanted Gardens Kent is a small family run nursery passionate about environmental protection and bio-diversity. We specialize in bee, butterfly, moth and bat-friendly plants and habitats - we are one of only a few horticultural companies of this kind. As of March 2019, we are members of the national...Bumblebee Conservation Trust, Butterfly Conservation Charity, RHS Royal Horticultural Society, Bat Conservation Trust, and RSPB Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.



Yorkshire Wildlife Trust 

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is a charity dedicated to conserving, protecting and restoring wildlife and wild places in Yorkshire. We were established as a charity in 1946, and are part of The Wildlife Trusts movement. We look after over 100 nature reserves right across Yorkshire, and are involved in hundreds of other conservation-related projects. Our work inspires people to understand the value of nature and to take action for it.


Kilnasaggart Mead
We make authentic, exciting and award winning mead in Armagh and Devon. Micro-meadery and mead making school launched in 2019 by Thomas and Rose O’Hagan.






Bee Benefit
We handmake natural skincare using the magic of beeswax,
honey and propolis and other all natural ingredients.
We harness what nature provides and create beautiful and
nourishing products, incorporating essential oils to give
the products extra power! Everything is packaged in recyclable
and biodegradable packaging, so you know we not only care for your skin,
but also our beautiful planet as a whole!


Hive Talking 
Hive Talkin - the beekeeping podcast with all the buzz is coming to the Festival of Bees. Host Gael will be at our Yorkshire show with microphone in hand ready to chat to traders bringing us new and exciting bee products, the most interesting and knowledgeable speakers and everything that's going on in the wider bee world. Listen via the website or on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Amazon Prime. Watch out for her logo t-shirt and make sure you say hi!


Raw Mellifera
 Raw Mellifera Ltd is based in Chippenham, our apiaries are located in Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire, Bristol and North-Somerset. At Raw Mellifera Ltd we are producing outstanding Honey, Sweets, lots of Flavours and some other products …from the bees to you! Beekeeping is all about the honeybees! We are proud of our record of rescuing  swarms and colonies.


Lay of the Land

Lay of the Land is a small family garden centre in Settle, North Yorkshire. We believe that the connection to nature gardening brings is a powerful force for good; in both personal and societal health and wellbeing.